Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Client Website Progression

The client had built their own Wordpress website for their Promoting Jesus Campaign but they were unhappy with the layout and requested a change of colour scheme. Below is a mockup with the original design but with Earth-tone colour scheme. The Hex colour numbers were included.

The client was still not happy with the layout and so asked me to design a website for them. Here is a first mockup before I decided to go in a totally different direction. This is when I first started thinking about the paper textured background (used in the banner only in this image). This design was not shown to the client because I was not happy with the result. It was too dark and not very inviting but is the layout was simpler.

Not happy with this design I pressed on with a new approach. I decided to spread the background image across the whole browser window while keeping the content in the centre of the screen. This opened up the design and made it feel less clostrophobic. I added some custom navigation with a natural feel while keeping the simple comtent layout.

I sent some page mock-ups to the client who was very happy with the design. From there I went ahead to finish the site.

Client Website Influences

Here are a couple of links to some websites that offered some inspiration for my Website design for the Promoting Jesus Campaign.

The first is an article called 'Textures in Modern Web Design' from Smashing Magazine. I liked the rationale for including textures. Having a textured background on the Promoting Jesus website fit perfectly with the 'natural, down-to-Earth' feel requested by the clients.

The second example from 'The Best Designs' uses a simple clean approach. Not only does it have some great examples of websites but it's banner and content are laid out well. I liked the background speading all the way acroos the screen while having the content and logo etc in the centre at a viewable width. This is the style I used in the Promoting Jesus website.