Thursday, February 18, 2010

Websafe Fonts

You've designed a website mockup - banner, logo, colour scheme, layout, navigation....but Which Fonts do you use?

When designing for print the choices are limitless as long as you remember to embed the fonts or convert them to outlines. But when it comes to the web it is an entirely different story.

If every Mac, Windows and Linux machine came bundled with every font ever created then there wouldn't be a problem. You could let your imagination run wild but the simple fact is that there are a limited number of fonts that are installed, by default, and even a smaller number that are common to all three platforms.

If you really do care how consistently your webpage displays on all computers then you need to check out:
"Common Fonts to All Versions of Windows and Mac Equivalents"
"Font Families & Web-safe Fonts: The Point of Penultimate Resort"


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